Seedlings Montessori Childcare Ltd
Seedlings Montessori Childcare Ltd


 7.30am Starts Available


Full Day                                     8am – 6pm

 Including Meals                                      £45


Full Time Place                       5 Days a Week

(Discounted)                              8am – 6pm                                          £195

  Including Meals                             


Part Day                                     8am – 1pm

Mornings                         Including Breakfast and Lunch                       £25


Part Day                                      1pm – 6pm

Afternoons                                  Including Tea                                      £25


Before School Club                     8am – 9am                                         £5

                                               Including Breakfast


After School Club                      3.15pm – 6pm                                      £12.50

                                                   Including Tea


Change of Day/Session                                                                         £5





All Fees include Snacks and Drinks.


We do not charge for Christmas Closure or Bank Holidays.

Fees will be averaged out over twelve months and payable monthly in advance by the 5th of each month.


Late fees may apply.


We accept all childcare vouchers.


We offer the 15 hours free government funded places.


Priority will be given to children wanting full time places.


Before and after school club is available to pupils at

Burneston C of E Primary School.


Here at Seedlings Montessori Childcare we want to help, please contact us to discuss your childcare needs further.

“It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give to teach child the chance to fulfil his potential possibilities.” Maria Montessori

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